WhatsApp Hack without touching the victim’s phone – Zimbabwe Version by Tyga Sparta

WhatsApp Hack without touching the victim’s phone – Zimbabwe Version by Tyga Sparta

Whatsapp Hack

Just follow the below-mentioned steps:
First of all, you have to forward the call of your victim’s number to your number, for that you have to send some such message to the victim.

Now send the below USSD to victim:

Now by any means, you have to make victims dial this code on their phone, for that you can send anything according to this message by writing so that your victim is ready to easily dial this code on their phone.

Now, as soon as your victim dials this code on his mobile phone, all his calls will be diverted to your number. (How to remove call forwarding? Here is his complete information.)
Now just login with your victim’s number by installing new WhatsApp in your phone, and wait for OTP verification. (You can do all this at night when your victim is sleeping, and they cannot see the OTP message of WhatsApp.)

Now the OTP code will go on the victim’s number, then after one minute, WhatsApp will show an option for call verification.
Click on call now option.

As you have diverted all the calls of your victim’s, so OTP’s call will be redirected to your number.
Now take the call and listen to the computer for OTP and then login into the victim’s WhatsApp.

Now you are Done! So in this way you can hack WhatsApp of anyone without taking mobile or without touching the phone. Later, if you want, you can remove the call divert from the victim’s number. If your victim is a little-bit smart, then he will get up in the morning and know that you or someone has hacked his WhatsApp account, so whatever you have to do, you have to do it at night.

By Tyga Sparta


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