25 February 2021 Netone Droid Settings(Free) by Tyga Sparta

25 February 2021 Netone Droid Settings(Free) by Tyga Sparta

Download & install Tydroid apk and click on update servers


Now Open the Tydroid app

3) Click on the 3 lines on the top left corner of your screen

4) Click on Account

°Input the login details you created your account with

5) Click on save login details

6) Click again on the the 3 lines on the top left corner and press settings

7) Click on TCP and HTTP

°Input following:

Remote TCP :443/102/433

Local TCP :2022/3306/9202

Disable Send HTTP Headers on TCP (make sure its deactivated)

Click on: Set HTTP Headers

Now click on the bottom left corner of your screen the “Generator” Button

Remove the Facebook URL there

and now input; netone.co.zw

Then go on Query method and select the following check boxes:

°Keep Alive
°Online Host
°User Agent

Then Click “Generate” and “Save” (save is on the bottom right of your screen)

Press back to main settings

Go to proxy settings

Enable Proxy

Click on proxy type and select : HTTPS

Then click on Proxy Host and put :
And now click “Ok”

Then click on: Proxy Port

Insert these numbers :8080/80

And click “Ok”

And now click on: Proxy HTTP Headers

After you do click on the button on Bottom Left Corner Which Says: Generator

Remove the Facebook URL

Insert the URL:
onewallet.co.zw netone.co.zw

Then go to Query method check boxes and click:

Keep Alive

And Click “Generate” and “Save” (save is on the bottom right of your screen)

Now go back to settings and select VPN Connection Settings

And activate the first 3 options and deactivate the rest

And lastly go back to the main interface of the app and click on TCP

And now click the big circle


  1. Thanks for great work keep it up !

  2. Thanks bro

  3. Good settings

  4. Nyanyest

  5. Mkaipa ndatenda hangu boss

  6. you are the best but can you find us edoz tunnel settings plizz

  7. Wow

  8. Kindly share Zol settings Mr Tyga Sparta

  9. Thank bro I hope it will work

  10. Droid vpn keeps saying all free servers are unavailable, and if you update it says server list is already up to date, please help!

  11. Thanks keep it up !!!!

  12. Keep it up brother

  13. Good but we need the ecf file for droid

  14. Bolato

  15. Baddest man anks a lot

  16. Thanks a lot broo makanyanyisa

  17. You are gud , thanks


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